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In Mission for Others

The ELCJHL Scholarship Appeal targets families of students at the schools of the Evangelil Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) who continue to deal with work shortages due to COVID-19, and are forced to pay the $1,600/year per student tuition annually.

View the video from ELCIC National Bishop Susan Johnson on how you n participate, or simply choose to donate today.

Ecumenil & International Life

The Ecumenil Shared Ministry Handbook shares best-practices and collective wisdom on how lol communities/congregations might worship, serve and witness together. A revised edition has just been released.

Find out more about this resource here.

Faith & Worship

Faith and Worship

For the second summer in a row, ELCIC Bishops and Assistants to the Bishops are coming together to provide a series of sermons available for congregations to use from now till September 12, 2021. Resources include downloadable text and video files of the sermons for each week for congregations to use in whatever way works best for your lol context.

Find out more here.

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